Our goal

The aim of our company is to help talented football players from around Europe to progress in their development by linking them to clubs in either Cyprus or Malta. We believe this is a great opportunity in which to advance the career of players by gaining valuable experience in playing abroad in competitive leagues. Professional Cypriot and Maltese clubs are keen to invite talented individuals from across Europe for trials, with the aim of offering contracts to the players who impress. This will obviously be of great benefit to the clubs as they seek to improve the quality of their squads. 

How we aim to do this

Firstly, we require you to provide us with your CV, along with a few questions to answer. We will then forward this to all of our contacts and hopefully pair the players up with the appropriate clubs in their preferred positions e.g. keeper, defender, midfielder, forward. If a club becomes interested in a player from viewing their CV, Scouting Connection will make arrangements for the player to join the club for a period of approximately two weeks, in which he will be asked to join with training and possibly play some matches. This will be the players time to impress and show that he has what it takes to succeed in a challenging league and further his career in the game. The trial period will conclude with a short, informal interview with a representative of Scouting Connection.


In the event of a player being rewarded a contract with a club, we will provide the player with the necessary rules and terms of agreement with Scouting Connection. In the unlikely event of problems arising, it will be our duty to resolve any issues as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Should it be that a player fails to be offered a contract following his trial period, we will arrange for him to be flown back to his country of residence. However, we would still retain a copy of his CV in the hope that another trial may be offered in the future, be that with the same club or another. This is very possible and we would encourage the player not to be disheartened if an initial trial is unsuccessful, as any club may require new players at any given time in the future.

To summarize

– Scouting Connection provides the connection between the player and the most relevant football club.
– CVs to be sent to Scouting Connection in order for it to appear on the website.
– An invitation to a player by a club will consist of one or two week training period.
– Contracts will be earned through the qualities shown by the player.
– Cost implications will be agreed at a personal interview.
– Any problems occurred will be dealt with by Scouting Connection to the best of their abilities.