About Scouting Connection

Scouting Connection was founded in 2016 and is located in both Cyprus and the Netherlands. The idea behind Scout Connection is intended to create a specific connection in football between football players and clubs. In particular, Scouting Connection is designed to connect football players from the Netherlands to either Malta or Cyprus. This can be done by arranging a trial for a player with the potential to earn a contract from the trial. For players, it is interesting to play football abroad and the football clubs may be of value in terms of obtaining a higher level within the game.

The organization Scouting Connection consists of two people: Erik Matsinger and Michel Maaskant. Erik resides in Cyprus and Michel in the Netherlands. This gives us a unique connection between the three countries. Our cooperation started because Erik has several contacts in both Cyprus and Malta with professional football clubs and likewise with Michel in the Netherlands. Because the experience, both as a player and coach abroad, the idea came about to create this for other players and football clubs. Michel has working experience in  London, America, Cayman Islands and Jamaica. He has provided training for players from the Netherlands who would like the chance to find new connections overseas. In addition, Erik has worked in Cyprus and Malta, and has also built up connections within several football clubs. He has also worked as a Team manager in the Netherlands.

For players who play football in the Netherlands and would like the opportunity to play football in another country, Scouting Connection provides an excellent service in which to raise the profile and reputation by being placed within foreign football clubs, with the ultimate aim of achieving a place within a higher level of the game. Therefore, Erik and Michel will begin by searching for the most appropriate club placement for the player, utilising their many connections.
Our website consists of the CVs of all players. You will also find a brief introduction to all the football clubs  involved. 

Scouting Connection intends to give anyone the opportunity to build a career in The Netherlands, Cyprus or Malta as a football player. Furthermore, Scouting Connection will ensure that seeded players are fully assisted with acclimatization involved with a move to The Netherlands, Malta or Cyprus. This will consist of travel and accommodation advice, administrative matters. Local excursions can also be arranged in order to ensure players are made to feel welcome and comfortable within their new environment. Commercial support such as help with personal branding, social media, new sponsorships and assistance in promotional films will also be taken into account and help will be provided wherever possible. 

Scouting Connection looks forward to getting in touch and working with you!

Yours sincerely

Erik Matsinger & Michel Maaskant

Our Players